U3A Noarlunga Branch


History of U3A


It all started in France in 1972 as part of Toulouse University's care for the elderly program.  From such small experimental beginnings, the movement spread to Britain where it was modified and moved away from the umbrella of the universities.

The term 'university' in our name is used in the context of its original medieval meaning - a community of scholars.  It is a learning centre, organised for and by people in active retirement - the 'third age' of life.

It has evolved to become a worldwide organisation where members share their accumulated knowledge and experiences.  There are no education entry criteria, qualifications, assessment or awards given - in fact, no pressure at all.  Members of committees, group leaders and speakers are all volunteers.

South Australia

U3A as we are generally known today, arrived in Australia in the mid 1980's and there are now branches in most states and thousands of people are involved.

In metropolitan and country South Australia there are currently nineteen branches.  Each branch operates autonomously, programs offered are wide-ranging, and fees vary.

Noarlunga Branch

Our particular branch, formed in 1987, is small and friendly and meets on Fridays in school term time.  Our activities include Tai Chi, French, Play Reading, Poetry Appreciation, Book Club, and Scrabble, as well as a weekly afternoon session with guest or branch member speaking on a variety of interesting topics.

Make Friday your day with Noarlunga U3A

Please note U3A is not affiliated with any religious body.